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Agile Analysis was created as a result of my interest in how we, as humans, travel though life. I believe communication is at the heart of what we do at work and in our private lives. My work in business is built on my experience of being a software developer who has worked through different levels in business from developer to Product Owner, Agile Business Analyst and Scrum Master. What I have found on my journey is that the successful projects I work on are mainly due to the people in the team – their ability to embrace change, and do that in harmony together. Projects often go through cycles – gathering understanding, establishing requirements, developing a solution and building it.  Naturally though, things change – people, objectives, ideas – so being able to adapt and address these changes is key. Being agile to the situation is essential. That is where Agile Analysis comes into it – whether agile project management techniques or an agile mind-set you need to reassess to manage the change.  And I can help you do just that.

As change is at the heart of what I encounter on a daily basis at work, it got me thinking about how we apply similarly agile techniques to our personal lives. As humans, we are very complex computers and sometimes we run good programs and sometimes we don’t. So how can we program ourselves with good programs? Well the truth is the words we use are magic, if you are looping negative self criticism then it become a self fulfilling prophecy. I can help coach and bring about change either in your work or home life.

So if you face challenges, at work or play, I can help you get over, get through and get to where you want to be. The first step is realising now that you have a choice – now is the time to get agile. The second step is reaching out and making that call to me now.

You can contact me on +44 77952 51027 or